International Woman's Day is a celebration of what women have achieved and are pushing toward to make a brighter future. It sets a stage to contemplate what things are happening now and how things can change moving forward. We are excited to showcase the amazing women of Folsom Labs and hear about what International Woman's day means to them.

International Women’s Day is an opportunity for all of us to celebrate and observe the political, economic and cultural achievements of women all over the world, while focusing on taking gender conversation further strategically. It acts as a reminder that we must keep the momentum of change moving forward to empower and inspire the next generation of female leaders.

- Ana Conde, Customer Success Manager

When I was younger, International Women's Day didn't mean as much to me. But as I've gotten older, especially working in such traditionally male-dominated fields as solar and software, it's come to mean more and more. Folsom Labs has such a real and concrete focus on diversity and inclusion in all respects (very much including gender), and I'm so glad to be working at a place that embodies my values.

- Janaki Silva, Customer Support

International Women's Day is always a reminder of all the strong, independent women that I have been privileged to be surrounded with. These women have helped me successfully navigate and thrive in historically male dominated fields. They have also helped me understand the importance of raising other female voices and creating opportunities for women and anyone who is underrepresented. At Folsom Labs, I both feel supported and empowered to effect change and promote a culture that is inclusive and values all voices equally.

- Stephanie Cheng, Product Manager

I'm proud to be surrounded by strong and determined women in my life at work and at home. To me, Women's Day is about choosing to challenge the status quo. It's about being bold and courageous — going after what you're passionate about and lifting up the women around you to be their best. We all thrive when we take care of each other.

- Emily Marshall, Software Engineer

International Women's day is a time to celebrate and lift up all women. To not be complacent with women's struggles and to strive to empower the next generation of youth. At Folsom Labs,  female voices are not only heard but thrive. Our goal is to create a culture of improvement that provides a space for women to feel empowered as mothers, leaders and equals.

- Tiffany Harris, Head of People Operations

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