As Folsom Labs gets closer to launching our fully-integrated proposals engine, we have been working with key industry partners to ensure the best possible user experience. And that is why we are proud to be partnering today with Mosaic to provide early access to PowerSwitch ZERO, an exciting new solar financing offering with no payments and deferred interest for 12 months.  That deferred interest is waived if the homeowner pays the loan in full before the end of the promotional period.

PowerSwitch ZERO offers a choice of 10-, 15- or 20-year term that begins after the 12-month no-payment period ends. There is no pre-payment penalty, and it can be used to finance solar energy systems and solar with batteries on primary residences, second homes, or rental properties. It’s the right product as the solar industry begins to rebuild our sales pipelines, and as homeowners navigate the uncertainty of today’s economic environment.

For homeowners that were interested in solar before the pandemic, offering 12 months with no payments can be a great way to get them across the finish line. Especially with the uncertainty that everyone is feeling these days, the added benefit of reduced energy bills for much of that time is a powerful message. That promotional period, combined with the Federal Solar Tax Credit which many homeowners can still claim through year-end 2020, makes for an even more powerful combination.

And when it comes to socially-distant selling, Mosaic’s new Portal 2X is a perfect complement to HelioScope: it delivers a transparent, contact-free process that your sales reps can use from any mobile or desktop device, with approvals via text or email.

PowerSwitch ZERO was designed with the HelioScope user base in mind. If you’re a HelioScope customer in the U.S. today, then there’s a good chance that PowerSwitch ZERO is a perfect fit for your business. Plus, as a HelioScope customer, you can enjoy a streamlined application & approval process.

Learn more about PowerSwitch ZERO. Finish 2020 on a high note by incorporating these new loans into your sales process today.

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