This trip around the sun sure has been a bumpy ride. From stay at home orders and working remotely, to distant holiday celebrations full of family zoom meetings. It has been a tough year in many ways and for many businesses, we've tried our best to keep up the good work and to provide a tool that would support the new remote working conditions.  

Here are a few of the new additions and improvements to the Financials and Proposals Beta platform our team worked hard to wrap up the year with:

Remember to access the Beta through:

More Efficient PDF Downloads

Create and customize your Sales Proposals

We’ve enhanced our PDF exporter to make the PDF downloads faster and easier to share. Now HelioScope will automatically optimize your proposal documents for great viewability and small files size so you can send more proposals more quickly. Customize your Reports in any way, add images and graphs to create your winning proposals!

$/unit Component Pricing

In addition to price per watt, scheduled costs, and annually recurring costs, we now support price per module, inverter, or optimizer – giving you the ability to create detailed pricing models directly within HelioScope. Create you own Financial Models to use with every new Project and save your team and yourself time to invest in closing more deals.

Add the unit cost of your components to the Financial Model

Dealer Fees in Loans

Include Dealer Fees in your Loans

Does your loan provider add dealer fees? If so, HelioScope now makes it easy to account for those costs directly in the loan step of your financial model.

View Inverters and Optimizers Library

Access your inverter and optimizer library directly from the Beta, search for a component to review its characterization page and don't forget to bookmark it to add it to your component drop-down menu in the Designer.

Visualize our component library in Beta

Lots of Bug Fixes!

A big THANK YOU to all of our users for all the feedback and bug reporting. Thanks for your comments and for baring with us as we continue to polish up the Beta and improve it with new features, we're very excited about where the Beta is going!