The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) just released a study validating HelioScope’s 3D shade-modeling engine for remote applications. The study was designed to compare the remote shade modeling results from HelioScope against the on-site shade readings from two separate Solmetric Sun-Eye devices. Averaged across 85 roof locations in a variety of geographies and roof conditions, HelioScope’s modeled shade results were within +/- 1.3 Solar Access Values (SAV) of the on-site measurements.


This study adds to the growing number of independent agencies that have confirmed HelioScope’s remote shading accuracy relative to traditional shade modeling techniques. This means installers don’t have to spend time on a roof measuring solar access, which makes the quoting process faster and easier for installers and the customer.

You can read the full NREL report in the link below:
NREL Shade Report

You can learn how to accurately model 3D objects from remote here:
Shade-Based Height Estimating