This project is intended to test your remote shade modeling capability. Your objective is to accurately model the design below, accounting for the 3D environment around the array, and submit your design to Be sure to include the following:

  1. Shade report PDF
  2. Production report PDF
  3. Share link to your project

The project details below describes what needs to be included in your project:

  • Location: 39.9334132, -105.1065805
  • 1 field segment
  • 22 - 250W modules

Layout configuration:

Upon review of your design, our team will compare the energy production results with real-world measurements. If your design is within 5% of the Total Solar Resource Factor (TSRF) you will receive a congratulatory email that you can share with rebate authorities that approve remote shade analysis.

If you have any questions during your design feel free to start a chat with our team or email