We just launched an easy way to remotely report shade losses to rebate authorities and solar financing agencies.

Now when you simulate a report you'll see a View Shade Report button that will automatically assess the Tilt and Orientation Factor (TOF), Solar Access %, and Total Solar Resource Factor (TSRF) for every module. This data is then summarized by field segment for easy reporting.

Many rebate authorities already accept remote shade analysis instead of on-site measurements. This saves installers the hassle of getting on the roof for every project assessment - someone still needs to get on the roof to install the modules though!

HelioScope only recently released this new shade report, but it has already been accepted by authorities in California, Texas, New Jersey, Oregon, and Rhode Island. We're working on adding more coverage so reach out to support@folsomlabs.com to learn more.

Glossary of Terms
  • Tilt and Orientation Factor (TOF): compares the available insolation for the actual tilt and orientation of the array to the ideal tilt and orientation for that area. It is expressed as a percentage, so in the image above the first array receives 96% of the insolation that an optimally oriented array would receive.
  • Solar Access %: refers to the percentage of irradiance left after accounting for shade. Mathematically:
    Shaded Irradiance / POA Irradiance = Solar Access.
  • Total Solar Resource Factor (TSRF): compares the actual insolation available accounting for both shade and TOF against an ideal orientation with zero shade losses. Simply put: TOF x Solar Access % = TSRF