We've just added 3D design capabilities to HelioScope, making it easy to visualize designs and understand how objects in your array will interact. Additionally, the 3D mode is actually a redesign of our designer, meaning that it will operate faster than the traditional 2D mode. Toggle between 2D and 3D Design Mode to see the Design in more detail. Hold shift to rotate the camera to see the detailed design of the array and catch things you might have missed!

Sometimes you may be designing on a multi-tiered roof, or designing multiple rooftops that could shade one another. Now in HelioScope, set a Field Segment Height to have one field segment with a solar array that shades another.

This also enables Stacked Field Segments, where a rooftop has multiple overlapping faces, each with modules.

Other Improvements
  • Carport Racking: we have added a new racking type to make carport design much simpler. This racking type behaves similar to a flush mounted segment, but has appropriate temperature losses for a carport. Try it out!
  • Spectral Performance Modeling for CdTe: when modeling thin film modules based on CdTe cells, we now apply a spectral adjustment to correct for precipitable water in the atmosphere. Learn more here
  • Updated Meteonorm Defaults: We have adjusted the default settings for international weather data generated from Meteonorm so that generated datasets will be consistent with results seen in Meteonorm 7. Previously we had calibrated results to match available SWERA data.