We are excited to announce our HelioScope integration with PVBid, combining the solar industry’s best design & sales software with the industry’s best costing & quoting software. The integration enables mutual customers to go from initial design to system pricing in minutes.

Connect HelioScope Solar Designs to PVBID's Detailed Cost Estimating Tools

With the combination of HelioScope and PVBid, solar developers can see dramatic improvements in their turnaround times, especially for preliminary quotes. It also makes it easier to deliver higher-quality estimates, providing front-line salespeople with the power and confidence that they would otherwise need an estimation team for. And with both programs integrated, there are fewer steps and less room for human error.

The integration highlights our commitment to a healthy software ecosystem, where many world-class software programs can work together seamlessly to provide the best possible user experience. Plus, we have known & respected the team at PVBid for years, and on a personal level we are delighted to see their continued growth and success.

PVBID users will see the option to “Import from HelioScope” right from the start of creating a new estimate. Just select the Project & Design, and the full system information is populated automatically. Then with just a couple more clicks, PVBid generates a high-quality bid based on the information from the HelioScope Design. You can find more information on our help page.