We just launched a major new version of our design tool. Read on to see what's new and how to try it for yourself. We added both major features (SLD) as well as key improvements to the workflow (Undo & Autosave). Hope you like it.

Single Line Diagrams

Quickly develop permit packages with Single-Line Diagrams that update dynamically based on the array size and electrical design. Export to CAD (as a DXF file) for final editing and customization. This is currently in preview mode as we continue to improve the output so that it can be used directly when submitting your designs.

Improved Module Layout
  • Dual Tilt Racking: Take advantage of the latest developments in racking products with Dual-Tilt Racking layouts.
  • Staggered Module layout: modules no longer need to be aligned strictly according to a grid. This helps to maximize the size of residential designs, while also giving you more control over where modules are placed
  • Frame Spacing: you can now set a gap between adjacent frames in the Designer, necessary for many ground mount racking systems
  • Improved Keepouts: keepouts now work with a much higher degree of granularity, particularly when using small or straight line keepouts
Updated Electrical Design
  • Expanded Microinverter Support: we've updated our AC branch calculations to enable broad Microinverter compatibility, we now have over 68 microinverters from 13 Manufacturers.
  • Dual MPPT Stringing: we now automatically calculate the stringing and BOM for dual-mppt designs; picking string combinations that will ensure all modules in a design are used while still respecting voltage and power rules.
  • ASHRAE Temperature Calculations: our default string sizing now uses the temperature data on record from ASHRAE to ensure your designs are code compliant

Enhanced Workflow
  • Autosave: Designs now save automatically as you work, this means you should never accidentally lose work because you forgot to save before navigating somewhere else
  • Full undo/redo: You can now undo/redo your work in the designer, just like you would on a desktop application. See it in action here!
  • Show/Hide array: Sometimes you just want to see the building you're designing on, sometimes you want to see the modules and the array. Given how common this is, we made it as easy as possible to toggle the modules on or off in the designer
  • Array Auto-Updating: As you make changes to your design, the array is now continuously updated to match. Your design will never be out of sync with your layout and wiring rules