COVID-19 is changing everything - from our personal daily routing, to our family life, and especially the way we work. If your team depends on making sales at the kitchen table or in the boardroom, the next few months will require rapid adaptation.

Given the changes this requires – we want to do everything we can to support you. We're extending our support hours and have also put together the following resources based on our own remote working experience, and HelioScope's intrinsically remote capabilities.  

If there are any other ways you think we can help, please reach out to our team via live chat or at and we'll do our best to assist you.

Paul Grana, Co-Founder

How to Sell & Design Remotely

Remote Sales

Our very own Desmond Pressey recently moved to San Francisco while still selling throughout the Orlando area. His sales numbers actually went up during this time, and we’ve asked him to share his experience with you. We’ve got a host of special event webinars dedicated to teaching a remote sales process coming up. Watch the recording from our first training below:

Remote Design

In addition to remote sales, we’re going to be highlighting some of the remote design tools that HelioScope offers. From remotely estimating object heights to preparing HelioScope files for engineering and permitting; we have trainings to help make your business workflow as smooth as possible. Our first remote design training webinar is scheduled for:

Estimating object heights from remote

How HelioScope is Changing

Extended Access to Our Proposals Beta

In response to the coronavirus we’re accelerating the rollout of features that support a remote workflow. To that end, we’re opening up more spots in our Sales Proposals beta; giving you free access to our financial analysis and custom report builder add-ons while we continue to build out its features.

Custom Proposal Templates from HelioScope's Proposal Beta

Additional Partnerships

We’re also excited to offer some great training opportunities with our partners to show different sales & design strategies. Our first in this series is with our friends at Enphase Energy. We’ll be showing specific design principles when working on small commercial projects. The webinar begins:

How Can We Help?

We’ve already taken action to protect our teams and have enacted remote working for our entire office. What hasn’t changed is our people - knowledgeable and here to help. As the situation with coronavirus continues to develop, our entire team is ready and standing by to support you. We will continue to provide you with real-time chat support and email.

Is your business being affected by Coronavirus? Please reach out to us at and we’ll do our best to assist you.